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Broadcast Video Production

JMP Media have extensive experience in producing broadcast programmes of many different genres. Whether your project is planned as an outside broadcast, a documentary, or a factual programme, our expertise can guide it smoothly from inception to fruition.

Not only have JMP Media produced live sports programmes from venues such as Twickenham, we have also produced adventure training programmes from various world wide locations including the mountains of Utah, the white waters of Norway and the peaks of Kenya.

In contrast we have successfully produced "fly on the wall" documentaries - one of which observed the REME military band during a year of rehearsal and performance.

As a producer and director of JMP Media, Jonathan Marks has an enviable list of credits including directing EastEnders for the BBC and producing and directing live news and  current affairs for BFBS Forces Television.

Jonathan's extensive network of broadcast professionals ensures that the right people are contracted for the right project whether they be script writers, camera crew, sound engineers, production designers or editors.